Isolated by Vivek Singhi


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Isolated by Vivek Singhi

ISOLATED is one of the most clean direct visual and baffling finding the Aces routines youll ever see.

A completely shuffled deck with 4 Aces lost in different parts of the deck is tossed onto the table. As the cards land they break into four packets. The spectator now turns over the top card of each packet revealing the four Aces.

Now imagine this happening in the SPECTATORS HANDS !!! The deck in complete control of your spectator and they are the ones who throw the deck and locate the 4 Aces as you and everybody else watch the magic happen right in front of their eyes this is what REAL MAGIC should look like !!!

ISOLATED lets you do the impossible by allowing you put the magic in your spectator’s hands LITERALLY and the reactions well....CRAZY AF would be an understatement.

PS: ISOLATED can be performed completely surrounded 360 degrees angleproof and works 100% EVERYTIME !!!