Jack Carpenter - Pump Room Phantasy Revisited


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Jack Carpenter - Pump Room Phantasy Revisited


A routine with a beginning, middle and applause-inducing finale. And no cards are chosen.

We wanted to make sure you saw the full performance in the trailer, from start to finish. Yes, we know this is a routine that could be pieced together by a skilled card magician without purchasing but we hope that you will be interested in learning the finer points. That is exactly what you get as you sit tableside with Jack in this downloadable video.

These days, not only is it rare to see a full performance of a routine on a trailer, it is even more uncommon to find a magic-packed routine that clocks in at almost three minutes. Jack has taken a classic Bert Allerton effect, pushed it to its limits, and now we're introducing it to a new generation.

More than just the mechanics of the trick, you will also get a peek inside Jack's brain as he details not only the how but also WHY this is such a great piece.