Jack Kent Tillar - Trio


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Jack Kent Tillar - Trio

Trio by Jack Kent Tillar - Book
Three complete acts for the solo mentalist:The NAKED MENTALISTA Complete 30 Min. No Prop” Mental Act Using No Gimmicks!This remarkable act consists of 7 powerful impromptu effects which play BIG and build to an exceptional finale. Each routine is strong enough to stand alone somix or match use one of more add your pet effects but USe this great material!Note: Nudity Not Required.The INTIMATE MENTALIST
No Nail-writers!
No Center Tears!
No Copies
No Switches!
Six classics of mentalism make up this beautiful act in the style of the great Dr. Stanley Jaks. Each effect has been carefully restructured with fresh twists and turns. These are subtle NEW METHODS and SETTINGS. This is a NO CARDS and NO PRE-SHOW act you carry in your pocket.The FUND-RAISING MENTALIST
NO Confederates!
NO Carbons!
NO Palmed or Pocketed Slips!
This is the EASIEST and possibly the BEST version ever released of the famous Thought Reading part of Dunninger’s act. It is trouble-free and highly polished after years of performances at charity and church affairs. This is the two-part FULL EVENING’S ENTERTAINMENT that also led to numerous private and TV appearances. NOTHING is being held back! Also included! The REAL SECRETS of the lucrative after-show readings and sales.