James Brown - Workeroo


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The applications are endless! Productions?? vanishes?? peeks?? changes?? holdout etc?? the list goes on!!!

Perform cool coin changes and vanishes?? even one which changes in mid air!.

Make playing cards vanish?? change or start jumping to your pockets!

Make borrowed rings or watches vanish instantly and appear in impossible locations!.

The Workeroo finally takes all the hard work and limitations out of high impact close-up magic. If you already use a topit?? the Workeroo allows you the freedom to not wear a jacket!
The Workeroo itself is not a trick?? it is a special device that allows you to do stunning magic?? with little or no sleight of hand. When you open the box?? you find your Workeroo and a little something to help fit the item. You also get a CD rom and a DVD. On the CD rom?? which we recommend you using first?? you learn how to set up your Workeroo. Plenty of clear pictures as well with EVERY step meaning anyone can follow along.

There are two main performance clothes used...Jeans for street performers or people who like performing to friends and family. Or?? there are the more formal suit trousers. Here you are taught how to do both styles?? and you could adapt either to ANY pair of trousers.


First is the introduction where James obviously explains a little about the Workeroo. After that comes the Basic handling. Here James goes through ALL the different little things you can do with this?? with a quick demonstration?? followed by a quick teach. The Workeroo really is pretty much self explanitory?? but James makes sure you still know what to do?? and how to do it. The applications are endless! Productions?? vanishes?? peeks?? changes?? holdout etc?? the list goes on!!!

Now for some routines. The first is a quick coin routine. James performs a quick coin routine where the coin vanishes and appears in different places a couple times?? and then completey vanishes. This is a perfect opener or street starter?? and is really cool. Especially as he performs and teaches his coin thru hand. Anyone who does a one coin routine?? or any coin routine in the hands?? would like this?? just to add in to their act?? its killer! And fools EVERYONE! After the performance you see the legend that is Gary Jones come on as James takes you step by step at a steady pace through how the first routine worked. James goes through the misdirection as well here?? he talks about angles etc about which hand goes where at each stage?? and even Gary asks questions to help people who would want to ask...but obviously watching a DVD...can't ask the DVD for a response. Gary explains little things that he can/can't see which also get covered.

After this is a card to pocket routine?? very clever?? different?? and this will probably go into most peoples act IMMEDIATELY!!! Again?? a teach in with Gary. First off?? a thought of card to pocket?? then a repeat?? then a complete vanish! Then a 6 card to pocket routine. Again?? James shows off his great misdirection built into a routine?? and explains step by step?? every outcome.

Next James does a different card to pocket. Another very well constructed routine?? with a signed card.