Jamie Daws & Alakazam Magic - Phantasm


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Jamie Daws & Alakazam Magic - Phantasm


PHANTASM by Jamie Daws & Alakazam Magic

If you're familiar with the classic card warp trick??then you're going to love this! Jamie Daws' Phantasm will also leave you with a crazy?? impossible souvenir that you can give to your spectator. Perfect for restaurant magic?? bar magic?? and strolling close up performers.

Watch the video demo and you'll see what we mean!

Take your spectator on a trip to an alternate reality when they see a playing card seem to instantly turn from face down to face up.

This is the epitome of pack small and play big. You can easily carry Phantasm around with you in your pocket or wallet and have a complete magic trick ready to go that only needs two cards. Phatasm is a perfect promotional trick with your business cards!

Alakazam Magic's Phantasm includes the gimmick?? instructional DVD with bonus ideas and a PDF format template that will let you use your business cards to make a promotional give away that will not be forgotten!