Jason Dean LIVE (Penguin LIVE)


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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Jason Dean

One of the FINEST card magicians in the world came to Penguin for a VERY entertaining 3-HOUR lecture.

Jasons magic can raise even the most jaded eyebrows.”-Max Maven
When I think of Jasons magic it reminds me of a good tequila… smooth when it goes down but in the end you will get messed up!”-Nathan Kranzo
Ive travelled with Jason quite a bit and have seen close-up what his magic can do to people. He gives the gift of love and magic to his audience - and thats a very powerful thing. Dont miss it - Youll be glad you came.”-Aaron Fisher

What will he teach

Double Open Prediction
An amazing open prediction done with two spectators. You will do this!
Just A little Further
Jason shares his version and touches on a Stewart James Classic.
This was labeled one of the best card tricks to come out in years
Free Will is a Force
This is Jasons favorite card trick to perform. (He HATES that hes giving this away!)
How I lost my Lighter
A three coin routine with a very unique coin gaff that not many have gone into detail about.
High Five
Jason shares his love for Roy Walton with four aces.
Gone Fishing
A routine inspired by one of Jasons mentors Aaron Fisher.
Solo Aces
After the spectator shuffles the pack the four aces are found twice under very impossible conditions. Did I mention all with one hand
PLUS many more tricks tips and ideas will be explained.

Who is he

Jason Dean hails from the Midwest. After traveling and entertaining for 10 plus years exclusively for national and international touring rock bands he has decided to share some of his home grown and inspired tricks and techniques with the magic fraternity. These routines are the tricks he developed on the road to entertain his audiences. As with all good tricks most were inspired by classic plots and approaches in magic. These are Jasons workhorse routines that are sure to get the reactions you desire out of your audience. Along the way Jason will share some of his rock star stories about traveling performing and meeting people!