Jay Noblezada - The Muscle Pass Starring


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You're about to learn one of the most visual and versatile techniques in all of coin magic. It's difficult to master?? but the payoff is huge.

The Muscle Pass is a technique that makes coin magic as eye-poppingly visual as any magic on earth. But?? it's also a technique that takes many hours of practice to perfect. Just knowing how it works isn't enough. To get the height and control that's gonna make your reputation?? you've got to practice and refine your technique beyond what most think is possible.

Without the DVD?? most magicians give up on the technique and quit before they benefit from its power.

With the DVD?? you'll save countless hours and frustration. You'll practice properly and make steady gains.

Noblezada takes you step by step and in detail. He shows you all of the inside work behind this revolutionary piece of magic. You'll learn all of the coolest applications of the Muscle Pass. You'll be able to make a coin appear from a completely empty hand?? vanish completely?? and even pass a coin through solid objects.

The Muscle Pass will add a new dimension to your coin magic?? and Noblezada will help you master it faster than ever before!