Jean Vallarino - Comptages


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Jean Vallarino - Comptages


Jean-Pierre again set about the task of identifying all known manipulations within a single family counts.
Each round of small packages (and god knows they are many) require?? or even several counts?? you can study at leisure the one you prefer?? or that you need!


Count Ascanio
Ascanio counting variant
Loop Count
Counting Elsmsley
Counting Elsmley Biddle
Counting Elsmley Mario
Counting Elsmley Vallarino
Counting Gemini
Hamman Count
Hamman counting variant
Counting Jordan
Counting Olram
Counting Omega
Optical counting
Counting pushed
Rumba Count
Counting Siva
Counting Stayon

Red and black
No luck!
Only blue

Hypnotical Rumba Count