Jeff McBride - Best Ever Knots Off Silk


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Jeff McBride - Best Ever Knots Off Silk
Jeff McBride presents his handling of Pavel's classic effect with major improvements by Jeff's good friend John Blake.
It can get you laughter and applause at the same time!
It can be performed with any of the versions on the market or make it yourself easily in a few minutes.
It can been seen in the largest theaters or play it close up!
It packs flat and plays huge!
It can be performed to music or with a script or even silently.
It is easy to perform so you can focus on entertaining!
Expert instruction by one of magic's master teachers.
Tips and touches that will make this the hit of your show!
Plus Bonus Footage of Abbi McBride performing this at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle.
See it in action and the audience's reaction!