Jeff McBride - Butterfly Blizzard


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Jeff McBride - Butterfly Blizzard


Paper Butterflies Come to Life?? dance and float at your command?? finally bursting into a rainbow snowstorm of color and majesty!
You receive all props necessary to perform this lyrical effect?? just as Jeff has performed it in his stage act for the past 15 years.

Exotic Asian Fan
1 Dozen Special Invisible Thread
Very Special Invisible Thread
Professional Quality Training DVD

Jeff McBride shares the secrets he has used for over 15 years in his own performances of the Enchanted Butterfly piece?? as well as many ideas and touches you can use to create your own amazing performance with the Enchanted Butterflies. Magic's foremost teacher?? McBride always shares more than just the simple technique for accomplishing an effect. He includes tips on presentation?? rehearsal?? care of the props and much more. It's almost like having a personal session with Jeff McBride.