Jeff Mcbride - Mcbride Magic On Stage(1-3)


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Jeff Mcbride - Mcbride Magic On Stage(1-3)


Jeff McBride is one of the leading stage magicians in the world. On this 3-volume set of DVDs he teaches you the secrets of his success?? creative process and how to add color?? flash?? and mystery to your magic. Explore the fascinating world of stage magic and learn the professional secrets of magic that pack small and play big. You not only learn how to do each routine?? but why.

Volume One - The Commando Act(Real Magic for Real World Conditions)??
Jeff McBride has performed around the world in every conceivable venue. The Commando Act is a practical?? powerful?? commercial magic show that can be performed in just about any performing situation. Jeff has honed his Commando Act over the past 20 years. Now?? he teaches you step-by-step?? move for move?? his entire "real world" traveling show and gives you all the techniques and presentation tips so you can adapt this show to your own performing style. Running time?? Approximately 145 minutes.

Volume Two - Exotic Mysteries(Flash?? Color and Spectacle)??
Routines performed and explained?? Cornucopia of Flowers Production?? Snowstorm in China?? The Silk Road?? The Giant Blendo?? The Egg on Fan?? The Chen Lee Water Suspension?? Bare Hand Silk Productions?? The Color Changing Streamer?? The Production Tube Production?? and dozens of techniques and effects that can be incorporated into your act. Running time?? Approximately 117 minutes.

Volume Three - Classics of Magic(Timeless Treasures of Magic)??
Routines performed and explained?? Dancing Cane?? The Fountain of Silks Production?? Gloves to Flowers?? Color Changing Silks?? Zombie Floating Ball?? Bare Hand Floating Ball and Manipulation?? The Twentieth Century Silks?? Cane to Silk?? plus many techniques and effects taught within the routines. Includes excerpts from Jeff McBride's full evening Show. Running time?? Approximately 105 minutes.