Jeff McBride - Zoom Bounce and Fly


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Jeff McBride - Zoom Bounce and Fly


The Effect

Zoom?? Bounce?? And Fly by Jeff McBride
byJeff McBride

Learn the inside secrets of card spinning?? McBride's famous floor bouncing?? extreme card spin productions?? flourishes?? card juggling?? and much much more!

...taught to you by one of the world's greatest teachers of magic!

DVD Contents??

TheThurston Throwing Card

Special Preparation of Cards

Bobby Baxter at the Richiardi Show

The Walsh Tarbell Spin

Walk-On Jumbo Card Sequence

Thumb Flick Spin

Del Rosso Flick Flourish

Fan Catch and Spin

Backhand Catch

The "Dropping a Card" Out

Hacky Sack Kick

Devil Stick Flick

Perfect Spinner

Two Hand Spinner

Card Spinning

The McBride Grip


Loading Gimmicks


McBride's Famous

Floor Bouncing

Running TimeApproximately 47min

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