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Jerome Finley - T R

In the past I have tended to avoid writing introductions for other people as I somehow feel partly responsible for the final book being purchased. I have no reservations in recommending TR to you.

It is with great interest that I look forward to even more of Jerome’s brilliant work. He is surely part of the cutting edge of mentalisms evolution.
- Ron Martin


Limited to 60 physical manuscripts


In my first 2009 release I’ve tipped a significant number of pet routines tools and techniques for the contemporary psychic entertainer.
Included topics are:

My ‘Personal Reading’ outline questions and systems used in my private consultations.

Further information used to strengthen your readings and QA performance.

Rapport building techniques; processes for mind reading telepathy and ESP.

‘Sympathetic Ki’s’ a simple and straightforward key bending routine I’ve used over the years.

Objects of wonder and how to use them in your demonstrations.

Strongmental magic with cards and a striking revelation you WILL use!

My ‘Pocket I-Ching’ an audience reading effect using borrowed coins and involving everybody.

Relaxation visualization and breathing techniques to increase the power of your performances.

Hypnotic techniques to elicit criteria strengthen the experience of mind reading and as an ‘effect’ by itself.

The 5 minute ‘Positive Programming’ script and induction I use in a variety of situations.

Multiple rapid inductions emotional regressions and powerful anchors to increase the impact and results of your work.

Scripts and techniques for a shamanic ‘Vision Quest’ also suitable for a past life regression with minor tweaking…

Psi-Party marketing hints and tips.

‘Shapes’ another ALL AUDIENCE effect and potent piece of business!

My ‘Self Working Thought Channel’ hailed as a giant leap on top of my already giant leap the ‘self working’ TC looks just like my original demonstration but uses methods and subtleties which allow you to replicate the original WITHOUT MISSING! Knowledge of my original routine is NOT necessary for this ‘self working’ version but they are complimentary.

Impromptu Amnesia the pattern interrupts covert strategies and mind blanking techniques I incorporate in my impromptu demonstrations of mind control and waking hypnosis. No gaffs gimmicks props or stooges allowed!

‘Short Touches’ a PK Touch style effect which uses no stooges advance preparation gaffs gimmicks etc. This can be done up close and totally surrounded and is part of my ‘Total Control’ repertoire.

Three short readings guaranteed to make a strong impact and create a lasting impression on anyone anytime anywhere.

And more!

‘TR’ is a combination of three different manuscripts I’ve been working on and combined in one volume. It’s over 100 pages of sound tested strong material and techniques you will use and benefit from.

This is a physical manuscript and limited to just 60 copies. The price is $300.00 and includes FREE SHIPPING via Priority Mail anywhere in the world.


Jeromes work is firmly rooted in the controversial art/culture of creating transformative experiences through the application of mysterious realms. Although it is best to begin by already having an interest in divining techniques and be a learned and skilled practitioner of these to walk steadily on this philosophically tricky path in my opinion it is the only path left for these realms to be accepted as actually worth consideration. Otherwise the only transformative experience will be derived from the knowledge of having been only deceived by this medium. I just cant be led to fully believe that this potentially transformative experience ends with only deception. It can conversely be seen as rather an invitation. And as all nice invitations there are ornaments hung to catch the eye and intensify ones curiosity. I see our deceptions as these ornaments. They draw you closer into a world in which the deception are only concepts that open up a gateway to transformative empowerment. In his most recent treatment Jerome fully understands this. He is a full portrayal of a modern-day sensitive who combines hypnosis diverse esoteric oracular systems and psycho-sociological reasoning with mentalism trade secrets and a refreshingly deep caring of the human soul. I predict that anyone who reads this will be inspired by his unconventional thoughts and thinking!
- Alain Nu March 2009