Jimmy Fingers LIVE (Penguin LIVE)


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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Jimmy Fingers

Jimmy Fingers is different! A unique original and edgy approach to magic with unique original and edgy tricks. Gentlemen something must be done!”- Whit ‘Pop’ Haydn
It’s rare to find somebody who is equally talented at entertainment and creativity!”- Bill Malone
I can always depend on Jimmy to totally rock our WONDERGROUND nightclub in Las Vegas. He amazes and mystifies the world’s greatest magicians. Jimmy is one of the top creative minds in the world of magic making!”- Jeff McBride
Jimmy Fingers rocked the crowd again with his wonderful original material... Jimmy Fingers was the official #1 hit of TAOM 2010! Congratulations! You deserve it!”- Paul Vigil
The highlight of the whole World Magic Seminar was an impromptu late-night performance given by some guy Id never heard of Jimmy Fingers...”- Rick Lax
Jimmy has applied the same creativity to his new mind blowing mind reading that has always accented his distinctive magic performances.
Imagine one of the world’s most innovative magic performances complemented by mind reading - an even more impossible impressively mystifying display... that’s entertainment!
Jimmy turns magic and mind reading into an incredibly memorable presentation that your guests will talk about for years!

If you could ask ONE question to one of the worlds most creative professional magicians what would it be

If youve never been to a magic lecture theres never been a better time. Sunday February 10th at 7:00pm were live-streaming Jimmy Fingers in a spectacular 2-hour interactive online lecture. Watch ask questions and learn things you wont find in any book or DVD.