Joe Mogar - Chameleon Knives


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This long-awaited 95-minute DVD finally reveals Joe Mogar's lifetime of knowledge on the development and performance of the Color Changing Knives! A near-encyclopedic work?? it contains 37 moves and 12 routines?? including Mogar's Stag Sensation?? Miracle Plus Routine?? Basic 3 Knives?? Hot Rod Knife?? Multiple Knife Productions?? Jumbo Knife Routine?? Knife Routines with Handkerchiefs?? and more!

You'll learn the 7 essential moves?? 13 color-changes?? 4 vanishing-knife moves?? 7 switches?? and 6 miscellaneous techniques?? not to mention Joe's professional applications for the Pocket Pal a very practical utility device. Among the many moves included are The Master Twist?? the Flip?? the Twirl and Shake Change?? The Mogar Snap Vanish?? the Color Push Change?? the Two-Knife Switch?? and the Smash Climax. In addition?? to make learning these techniques easier?? an over-the-shoulder camera view was used for all the explanations!

This Camirand Academy DVD will teach you everything you need to know to practice?? perform?? and truly entertain an audience with one of close-up magic's most enduring miracles - the Color Changing Knives!

Running Time 95min