John B. Born - Matrix God's Way


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Many of my efforts in creating and compiling these effects strive to show how a little extra effort in preparation will reap great rewards in effect. Many take advantage of gimmicks in ways never thought possible?? and provide the means for an incomparable magical experience. I have also included a wealth of additional effects…coin and non-coin?? for a total of 18 effects. Every one of them is absolutely blockbuster. These are designed for the established magi - to present an extra-special magical demonstration that goes over the top. If God did a matrix?? it would look like this...

1) Mini 4 of a Coin* - Using a miniature deck of cards?? produce?? one at a time?? the four aces. These cards are tossed?? spun?? and set on the table (with empty hands before and after). Yet?? when the cards are lifted?? a half dollar is produced under each!!! Two methods explained! Absolutely impossible?? as the coins barely fit under the cards. Has consistently fooled every magician performed for.

2) 4 of a Coin* - Produce the four aces one at a time. The cards are feely handled?? spun through the air hand to hand?? and set on the table one at a time. When the aces are lifted?? four half dollars (already prepared to do "Matrix God's Way") are produced. After doing this you go right into the no-card matrix with no further preparations. The coins can be shelled and will NOT make a sound! 

3) Matrix God's Way* - Hailed by all magicians that have seen it as the best no-card four coin matrix routine ever! A 5 phase routine?? it starts out as a jazzed up version of “Translocation”. The matrix introduces itself through a one coin at a time assembly into the corner. Offering to do it again?? the magician puts one coin in each corner. Waving over the coins?? all four instantly assemble in the top RIGHT hand corner. Another wave?? and without the hands crossing the center of the mat?? all four coins are back in their respective corners (John's ground-breaking kickback). For the finale?? a final wave brings all coins to the upper LEFT cornet of the mat. Throughout the routine constantly show empty hands and only four coins. The coins are examined by the spectator in the end. Magicians and the laity alike are floored. 

4) Matrix ReBorn* - Previously released in "Coin Classics" from Steven's Magic Emporium - it is shadow coins with a KILLER ending! At the end cover the half dollars and they all become Chinese coins! Do it standing up! This was reviewed in the April of 2001 issue of Genii Magazine?? and was hailed as "unbelievable. The surprise really caught me off guard and it's as strong a coin assembly as I've ever seen." 

5) Borrowed Quarter Matrix - No shells on this one. John applies a brilliant principle to the impromptu matrix to make it twice as clean and visual?? as well as extremely practical for the performer!

6) Off The Hook* - The magi performs an amazing spiced up version of John Kennedy’s “Translocation” with four English pennies?? causing the coins to travel from one side of the mat to the other. At the end of the effect the magi shows his hands empty. Covering the coins once again?? the coins change to half dollars?? and the hands are again shown COMPLETELY CLEAN. Oh yeah…go ahead and show both sides of the half dollars. An absolute breakthrough in coin magic. 

7) Totally Off The Hook - The magi performs an amazing spiced up version of John Kennedy’s “Translocation” with four English pennies?? causing the coins to travel from one side of the mat to the other. At the end of the effect the magi shows his hands empty. Covering the coins once again?? the coins change to half dollars. Oh yeah…go ahead and show both sides of the half dollars. The hands are again shown to be COMPLETELY CLEAN. Now?? pick up the coins?? place them in your left hand?? and they immediately become Chinese coins that can be examined!!! End COMPLETELY CLEAN!!!

8) Over The Top – “Triple change shadow coins…” Perform shadow coins with four casino coins. At the end they visually change into English pennies. Perform John’s “Off The Hook” or his “Matrix God’s Way.” Show your hands empty?? and change these coins into half dollars?? ending COMPLETELY CLEAN!!! Oh…and show both sides of the half dollars. But wait?? toss the coins into your right hand?? and they become Chinese coins?? which can be completely examined?? and ending you?? once again?? COMPLETELY CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!! 

9) Silver Dream - Take “4 Of A Coin” to a whole new level…The magi produces the four aces and cleanly shows his hands empty. The aces are pulled back to reveal four half dollars. The magi waves his hands and immediately ten coins appear! However?? he doesn’t stop there?? as he continues to produce a total of sixteen half dollars?? two “two inch” coins?? and a jumbo “three inch” half dollar!!! A nineteen coin production that can’t be beat… 

10) Fingertip Three – A beautifully choreographed stand-up routine in which three dollar-sized Japanese coins appear?? disappear?? and penetrate a silk. For the finale?? not one?? but two 5-inch Japanese coins are produced. 

11) Hole-dout - How to construct John's extremely dependable Chinese coin holdout for half dollar or dollar size coins. Ideal for steals out of the pocket?? body loads?? and prop loads!!!

12) Purse-onally Ironic* - The magi presents a “purse without a frame.” Out of it he ironically produces a “frame without a purse.” Setting the bag aside the magi displays the purse frame?? with hands totally empty. He then proceeds to open the frame and produce a coin. A great application for John’s IMPOSSIBLE coin production?? and the perfect way to introduce a coin for a single coin flurry!!! 

13) Muscle Catch* - The magi rubs his hands together?? turns them palm up?? and shows them to be unmistakably empty. Immediately a coin appears at his fingertips.

14) Bite Me – This is what John does when a spectator repeatedly begs you to bite and restore the frickin’ coin?? after you’ve done it for them like twenty times.

15) Trans-Knee-Cation - Lacking a proper table?? the magi proceeds to sit down and perform an awesome version of John Kennedy’s “Translocation” on his knees! With a simple wave of his hand the four coins travel one-at-a-time from his left leg to his right. 

16) Finger Ringer* - A very cool three-phase impromptu routine with your ring.

17) Silver Seasoning – Take the classic “quarter under the saltshaker” effect to a whole new level. This outstanding three phase routine is a masterpiece example of utilizing the element of surprise to your full advantage. For the finale?? the magi pours both salt and pepper into his closed left fist. The hands are cupped and shaken?? mixing the two seasons. In one quick move the hands split into two separate closed fists. The left hand pours its contents onto the table?? which happens to be all salt. The right hand pours its contents onto the table…showing all pepper. Somehow the two seasons have miraculously separated. 

18) Gotta Light? - One of the coolest moments in magic. The magi is asked for a light. He checks his pockets?? and presents the lighter in his right hand. Before the lighter is handed over?? the magi looks up and says… “Watch.” The left hand holds a wand made out of paper. The lighter is lit?? and held up to the edge of the wand. In a burst of flames it catches fire?? sending a string of fire down the left hand. Once the fire ceases?? the lighter is seen to appear in the left hand. The spectator looks to the magi’s right hand?? which is seen to be completely empty!