John Carney - Carney On Palming


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John Carney - Carney On Palming

Many of the most powerful effects in card magic require the palming of a playing card. Yet nothing else strikes fear in the heart of the uninitiated as much as this prospect. The fear itself is the single greatest obstacle to effective palming.

Fear not?? for John Carney is acknowledged as one of the finest sleight of hand artists and teachers in the world. On this instructional DVD he gives you practical tips and effective techniques for stealing?? concealing and controlling playing cards. This information is indispensable to students of pure and amazing card magic.

Included are:
? Palming Fundamentals
? Vernon Top Palm
? Erdnase Top Palm
? Diagonal Palm Shift
? Arthur Finley Steal
? Vernon Hand Washing
? Erdnase Bottom Palm
? Small Packet Bottom
? The Side Steal
? Tenkai-esque
? Vernon Flat Palm
? Erdnase Color Change
? The Cop
? Palming Management

"An excellent resource?? providing thorough instruction from an expert practitioner. Considering the quality of the information?? it is cheap at the price." -- Mike Close?? MAGIC Magazine

"Highly recommended … a splendid?? patient teacher … with the wisdom and experience shared here by John Carney?? the payoff is immeasurable." -- Dustin Stinett?? Genii Magazine

"… purely inspirational ... the real secrets that make palming work. A most valuable addition to the palming canon." -- Steve Byant?? Little Egypt Gazette

"Superb… a revelation ... Destined to become the definitive work on palming. Treat yourself to this disc and master some real magic." -- Duncan Trillo?? Magic Week

"…a tremendous asset to any card magician's library … you can see what the moves you've been reading about all of these years should look like." -- Jim Sisti?? Magic Spin