John George Penguin Live Online Lecture


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What will he teach?
Olive Martini Opener This is just a bit of business not a trick. Martini and Olive.

Coin Opener Production of a silver dollar size coin that leads into a jumbo coin routine that concludes with a production of a handful of gold.

Pool Cue, Giant Olive, Grey Goose Wand vanish and reproduction, production of jumbo olive and a toy grey goose.

Screwed Deck Screwing two halves of deck together. This is a Paul Harris effect

Favorite Card to Pocket Named card appears in pocket, spectator keeps taking named card, finally chooses a new card, then a transposition in the spectator's hands

Ace Ace Ace Ace Four ace production.

X-ray Cards My handling of Ton Onasaka’s Mirage Cards.

Phil Deck to Spam Prediction trick using Blank Phil Deck and a can of spam

What Your Future Holds My version of Rich Morata’s “What your Future Holds"

Sponge Balls

Fairest Card Trick in the World My take on 51 Cards to Pocket

and more!