Johnny Thompson's Commercial Classics of Magic


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Johnny Thompson's Commercial Classics of Magic 

Volume One:
Balls & Net (Silent Mora, Dai Vernon), Coins Through Table (Al Baker), Han Ping Chien Coin Trick (Han Ping Chien), Winged Silver (Dai Vernon), Copper & Silver Transposition (Dai Vernon), Vanishing Glass (Max Matini), Benson's Bowl Routine (Roy Benson), Matching the Cards (Dai Vernon), and Automatic Aces (Hofzinser). Running time: Approximately 83 minutes.

Volume Two:
The Travelers/Card in Envelope (Dai Vernon, Paul Le Paul), Triumph (Dai Vernon), The Endless Chain (George Blake), Vernon Poker Deal (Dai Vernon), Chink-A-Chink (Max Malini), The Cap & Pence (Nate Leipzig), and Mental Card Miracle (Harry Harper, Dai Vernon). Running time: Approximately 91 minutes.

Volume Three:
The BiddleTrick (Elmer Biddle, Alex Elmsley, Ed Marlo), Malini Card Stab (Max Malini), Koran Medallion (Al Koran), Heads Up, Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (Dai Vernon), Phantom Cigarette (Manuel), Hanky Panky (Emil Jarrow), Spellbound (Dai Vernon), Presto Chango (Thomas Beardon), Coin In Bottle, 3 Ball Routine (John Scarne, Oscar Pladic), and No Body Load Livestock Production (Tony Marks). Running time: Approximately 78 minutes.

Volume Four:
Cups & Balls (Malini, Miller, Gayot, Bosco, Vernon, Daley), Cutting The Aces (Dai Vernon), Color Changing Knife, and Color Changing Deck (Henry Christ, Paul Curry). Running time: Approximately 78 minutes.