Jordan Johnson - The Wolverine Formula


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The Wolverine Formula- where regeneration of seemingly normal objects happens right in front of your very own eyes.

Just like the comic book character himself who could regenerate after an injury?? you can take cards and dollar bills and push a solid pen right through them?? and they appear to heal as if nothing happened!

Created by underground magician Jordan Johnson?? the man who rocked the magic world with Holy Grail?? the first Torn & Restored card effect that could be performed totally surrounded?? this DVD totally raises the bar for solid through solid effects.

THE WOLVERINE FORMULAis a mind blowing HOUR + long?? three trick DVD?? that allows you to create miracles and amaze your spectators with incredible magic. There are no gaffed pens?? no tape?? and no magnets. Just you and your audience.

Running TimeApproximately 72min