Justin Miller - MENTAL!


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Justin Miller - MENTAL!



MENTAL! A collection of original card routines and moves that are TOTALLY outside-box. Visual card magic at it's very finest!



"Mental is a collection of 10 effects that I have been honing over the past 4yrs that are solid, visual, pieces of card magic that can be performed anytime, and anywhere! These are my GO TO effects when someone asks to see some magic. They are outside the box in thinking, presentation, and execution. They have been my bread and butter for quite sometime and I know they will be yours as well!"







"Mental is not for your average cardman. If you want some killer useable card effects then don't pass this up. JM has given us the expert teaching on his bread and butter "WORKERS". Quantum is my personal favorite, and selected Abyss will jump right into your walk around set. Mercury Rising is sublime and you can't miss with the twist and turns in Blur -Transpo"



J To A-


Four jokers visually and impossibly change into four aces right before their eyes.




Mercury Rising -


a card is selected and lost in the pack. You take out the aces in an attempt to use them to find out what their card was. Then, one of the aces turns face up to signify the color and suit of their card and visually that ace changes into their card. As a kicker the other 3 aces turn into the mates of their selected card leaving the aces no where to be found.




Boxing Kind -


Any 4 of a kind is taken out by the spectaor. The cards are mixed and they are told to remember one of them. The cards are placed into the box and the box is given to the spectator to hold onto..you never touch the box again. You then take out 4 random cards from the deck. These card you say will help you figure out what their card was. You get the suit and color right then in a flah the four cards change into 3 cards, but they are the 3 mates to the card they thought of, when they open the box, the only card left inside in the one they thought of.




Blur-Transpo -




Four aces are placed under the card box, a card is selected and signed and placed across from the aces. in just a blink of an eye they change places. In an attempt to show them again, you place the selected card under their hand and you hold the aces..once again impossibly, the cards change places.




Selected Abyss-


A card is slected and lost in the pack. After one card flies out of the deck and onto your hand, it is seen to be the wrong card. No worries, as the card splits into 2 cards in mid-air and both numbers are added up to make the total value of their card. Then, the 2 cards actually change into their card. Their card then splits into 4 aces and just as they came they dissappear leaving just the selected card. A LOT of magic is in this very short and sweet routine.







The Darkness Control-


A move so deceptive you will swear it can not be done..but oh can it!




2 mates are placed into the deck outjogged. A signed card is hovering above the deck and in a flash the 3 cards change places, only to end in a cosmic battle between good and evil!(not really, but it sounds way cooler than, "yea they change places, then the signed card morphs into the two mates).





The deck is taken out of the box and the empty box is handed to them to hold onto. They name any four of a kind lets say they say the 4 nines. Visually and without the deck any where near, the nines change to 4 aces, then a freely thought of ace vanishes and reappears in the empty card box.






A selected and signed card is lost in the pack and the 4 kings ar chosen to find the card. They choose either the black or red kings. The other 2 are placed into their hands. A mental picture is taken with the remaining kings and the signed card appears inbetween them. But just as fast as it appearred, it vanishes and the other 2 kings that were in their hand now reside in yours. When they open their hands for the first time their signed card is found.






-from a shuffled borrowed pack of cards you create one of the most weirdest and unforgetable moments for your audience...that will leave them speechless!




PLUS you will learn these sleights I have created.



    The silky change



    abyss change



    vibration switch



    The Darkness Control


In a 3hr+ download that will have you learning these effects TODAY!