Katsuya Masuda - Easy Vanish


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This is not a coin routine?? but a versatile gimmick for coin tricks.

Coin tricks usually require a long time of training. However?? our new gimmick enables you to perform production?? vanish?? transportation?? penetration and change effects without any tough sleights.

Although this product is designed for novices and intermediate magicians?? being involved in a well-thought-out routines?? the gimmick will amaze enthusiasts.

Easy Vanish comes with an instruction DVD that includes following effects:

1. Coin & Card
Basic handling of the gimmick.

2. Coin through Glass
Basic penetration effect.

3. Transposition 1
Simple transposition effect.

4. Transposition 2
Visual transposition effect.

5. Exchange
Advanced routine in the motif of money exchange.

6. One Coin Routine
A simple but visual one coin routine.

We hope you enjoy our new bold gimmick.