Kenton Knepper - Business Card Readings


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Kenton Knepper - Business Card Readings


A MUST HAVE for anyone studying our Mind Reading Lessons. This book is the perfect companion to the Mind Reading Lessons.

Imagine... You give personalized readings on the back of your own business card. Do people keep your card and remember to call you now? YOU BET.

In this ingenious and thorough book is revealed by Richard Tenace (with input from Kenton) quick readings to do on the back of your business card. It takes just a moment to perform a reading this way.

Next thing you know?? people want to book you for full shows and readings?? now that they have had a little taste. Of course they know how to get in touch with you to book you - the reading they kept is on the back of your business card!

NOT ONLY THAT... You can be paid to give out your business cards all night long while doing Business Card Readings!

In a word?? "Brilliant."

Kenton's Foreword to "Business Card Readings and Intimate Connections" by Richard Tenace is reprinted below

"I cannot begin to tell you how exciting this is whether you are a novice?? professional reader or mentalist. But I will try.

How great would it be to have people insist on keeping your business card?

Now...Imagine getting paid to hand out your business card all night long. SERIOUSLY.

Business card tricks can’t do that for you?? because tricks fail to make deep?? intimate and personal connections with a spectator. Readings on the other hand are treasured?? even if only as a novelty?? because tossing a business card away with your reading on it is like tossing yourself or your future into the trash.

In this book Mr. Tenace teaches you how to do everything from an aura reading to a personalized Tarot reading with nothing more than a pen and a business card. Your business card. You bet people keep it. Your card is sure to be shown to others too.

I am not a fan of ignorance in readings. Mr. Tenace has a real life working knowledge and shares it with you here. He has made a living by doing readings. With this work he teaches you how he gets his bookings?? and does so without sales?? cold calling or great effort either.

You can begin by learning just one or two basic ideas and start doing a reading right away. Then you can evolve by adding a bit and doing a more complex reading. You will learn by doing and you will be surprised what you instinctively already know.

As time goes on you can learn more and do more. Take these ideas a piece at a time. Don’t try to learn or do all of this material at once. You don’t need to do that. Get a pen and do a reading tomorrow. Then as you do this reading?? learn more about colors?? or numbers. Soon you will see it is a short climb to knowing Tarot. Take it step by step?? and learn by doing?? bit by bit.

Mr. Tenace and I have certain ways of teaching symbolism so that it can be understood and recalled more easily than with most other methods.

You begin by doing a reading right away. Then you will expand your knowledge and abilities over a short period of time. Do as little or as much as you like as you go along.

One thing is for certain. People will keep your business card and remember how you made a personal connection with them.

Now?? what’s that worth to you?"

- Kenton Knepper

This important book includes:

* Tarot Readings (You know what a stickler Kenton is about this subject. It has to be good or he won't allow anything on this subject under his/our name)

* Personalized Birth Date Tarot

* Aura Reading

* Personal Playing Card Reading

* Letter Symbols

* Tarot Element Reading

* Elementals Reading

* Past?? Present and Future Number Reading

* Birthday Reading

* Number Symbolism

* Color Signature Reading

* Five Steps To Quick and Personal Readings

* The Unconscious Revelation Out

* More

This is an incredible value filled with variety and taught in progressive steps so that you can do readings quicky while learning to do a few more complex readings?? if you choose. This system is developed and arranged in a manner similar to how Kenton studied these topics?? but now it won't take you the years it took Kenton to learn and apply these principles?? thanks to this book.

Begin right away and even do serious and in depth Tarot readings in about three weeks (and that's only if you do the most intense study offered in this book).

Most readings you will do at once or within a very short time.

Pick and choose what readings you want to do. This book will grow with you.

Best of all?? people will be asking for and keeping your business card - even paying you to give your card to them or hand your cards out to others!

IF YOU MEET PEOPLE FOR SALES?? BARS?? CLUBS - this is a must have.

If you are studying our Mind Reading Lessons?? consider this additional reference material you simply need to own. This work increases in impact when combined with our Mind Reading Lessons and Symbol Readings book (elsewhere on the website and see also special combo deal below).

"only read up to page 17 so far...excellent...more than got my money's worth already...also ties in well with Mind Reading (book and lessons)...this is genuinely massively under priced..."

- Iain Dunford

An official review website ( has the following to say about this item.

REVIEW BY JHEFF and Market Place of the Mind

This is one of those "D'Oh?? why didn't I think of it?" ideas. Of course?? many of you may be doing this already. I'm referring to doing readings on the back of business cards. But I've not seen a work that covers such a wide variety of readings and techniques for using the backs of business cards with them.

Richard Tenace?? with Kenton Knepper?? has compiled quick readings with colors?? birthdays?? names?? symbols?? auras?? and Tarot. There's also quite a few mnemonics and tips that I hadn't seen before?? as well as Richard's own explanations for how and when to use quick readings on business cards.

And?? as Kenton's been doing recently?? this is an instant download (77 pages) and priced incredibly fairly. Were this printed and released a few years ago?? I think that this would have been priced in the fifty dollar range and?? at that price?? it would be worth it. At the price he's currently charging?? it's another of those "steals."

I should also note that this work complements Kenton's recently released SYMBOL READINGS AND REPROGRAMMING and I highly recommend getting that if you get this?? you get that?? too?? if you haven't already. Also?? at the time of this writing?? there is a special if you buy both.(See "Double Visions Business Card Reading Deal" on our website for the special suggested deal in this review).