Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading Lesson 1


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Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading Lesson 1


About the Introductory Book:

We highly suggest that you consider the Mind Reading Lessons if you have any interest in this material?? as these lessons will expand what is in this book?? add new insights?? give you more effects?? create more opportunities and allow you to take the book further than even we originally imagined.

Whether you get this book in hard copy?? our new download or as part of our Mind Reading Lessons?? you'll soon see why this work has been considered a "must have reference" and "a new classic forging new standards in mentalism and readings of all kinds".

Real MIND READING in a book ? You bet!

The classic work by Kenton and the S.E.C.R.E. T. School is called simply “Mind Reading”. It is 150 pages in length.

Important! New "Mind Reading Lessons" available soon as downloads based on this book?? including a PDF version of this book when you order the first three lessons at once. See out Download Section for details..

Here is a review from one of our customers:

I am only 3/4 way through your new book?? Mind Reading. But I had to write to congratulate you on a wonderful piece.

I consider myself to be a good student on cold reading?? including having worked on developing procedures for palm reading and tarot. I probably own?? have studied?? and am academically knowledgeable about most works in this genre.

Nothing out there compares to what you have assembled in this work.

First?? the process you lay out provides a sure way to get into doing readings without the concerns or fears that so many other systems create. Often times I have felt inadequate in doing readings because I wasn't so sure about the categories?? reading the spectator?? or certain of the 'correct' response.

You have spelled out a way to approach readings that is far more conversational and 'common sense' and actually looks forward to failures with joy. With what you are teaching?? I can easily see using all of the other information I have learned?? but doing so without the fear of failure.

I am especially attracted to the use of writing things down during the reading. The logic is very sound?? it permits crib sheets?? it gives you something to do?? and it can allow you to be more thorough.

Thank you for publishing this work. It will be at the head of my rather extensive library as I am sure that I will consider it the SEMINAL work in this arena.

- Randy Schostag CFA?? MCBA?? ASA?? AVA?? BVAL

Want details? Here they are...

If you do any form of readings or mind reading?? then “Mind Reading” is for you. This new work will help you make all of your mentalism far more realistic. Just ask the renowned mentalists in the P.E.A. how realistic this type of material is when Kenton performed for them.

With “Mind Reading” you will:

· Walk into a room?? coffee shop or on to a stage and begin writing impressions. No set-up or pre-show required. No gimmicks or gaffs. No sleight of hand. Write out impressions and have spectators acknowledge your uncanny accuracy. The method? It’s mental.

· Just KNOW things a mentalist ought to be able to know. We give you remedies that will fix a very common problem in mentalism. What is the downfall for most mentalists will become a subtle and powerful strength for you. If you want to be believable?? you must know about this principle. We supply you with many options at last.

· Be able to do very accurate readings with no set-up or inside information. Not just “cold” reading?? but truly different approaches you can combine with standard methods too.

· Write down thoughts about a person you have never met and know you will always end on a hit.

· Make deliberate?? detailed and secure impressions completely impromptu and amaze onlookers at your accuracy.

· Expanded and updated classic information you will want if you do readings or mind reading.

· New routines and tricks plus original physical methods are revealed throughout. More than a few of these effects have been performed on television by various personalities around the world.

· This material can be performed in a living room?? a coffee house?? pub?? platform?? close-up?? cocktail parties?? informal gatherings and even on the full stage.

Kenton says: If I have ever told you very specific?? detailed information?? with impressions so accurate and wild you knew they could not possibly be “cold reading”?? then you know how impossible “Mind Reading” can be. My students and I share all the work that we use to be able to do this and more.

Most of our methods use mental techniques to do apparently real mentalism. Our focus is not on sleights or special props. We reveal the methods that allow you to do Mind Reading with no set-up?? not special gimmicks?? and no failure. Some hits will be stronger than others?? just like the real thing of course. You will also learn how to add important details so many miss that make any trick appear to be “the real thing”.

There are more tools and secret mental devices in this work than you will ever need in a single performance. You can be secure with this material as we provide a great many options to use as you see fit. Others have tried to guess at our methods. They often miss the real secrets entirely. It’s so real?? there is nothing for laypeople to discover or catch.

If you are a serious mentalist?? or if you just wish to add a lot more realism to your mental magic?? this work will give you the valuable tools you need to bump up your performances to the next level. If you want to do readings?? or wish to do more realistic readings?? this work is for you.

Non-mentalists or those new to mentalism may consider some of this work risky--topflight mentalists know that this material works?? and use these methods to convince their audiences of their powers.

If you perform mentalism at all and want to do realistic mental or mind reading effects?? then “Mind Reading” is a must-have.

We say?? leave it to Kenton and his students to tip for the first time methods that have fooled well-known peers and audiences alike. Kenton came upon some of this by happenstance ages ago and has been perfecting it for many years now.

Still want more information?

These methods are both classic and different.

Kenton has revealed to one known mentalist a letter he found in his mailbox. Not too impressed? Kenton went on to say that this letter was very odd. It came in a RED ENVELOPE. It had TWO stamps on it?? and only ONE STAMP WAS very?? very STRANGE. The message inside was something the mentalist did now want to hear?? and it upset him?? but later he undertood it was all for the best.

Kenton has told mentalists about engraved items from their family that even the subject has forgotten. He has mentioned old cars they have had and what happened in them.

If it is all "cold reading" it is very specific and detailed. But who would name such odd things as a cold reading? Kenton and his students write down dates?? names?? and talk about the wildest impressions?? but these turn out to be correct.

HOW they do it all is amazing. It is well within the grasp of most who are willing to try and practice just a little.

Kenton once thought he would never be able to teach these methods. Now that he is able?? Kenton and his students describe exactly how they do what they do. Included are the very secrets as used in the current acts of Kenton and his students.

It takes 150 pages to describe it all?? after many years of perfecting these methods. A classic in the art of reading and mentalism!


About Lesson Number One:

In your first Mind Reading Lesson you will

* Be able to KNOW things rather than ask questions
* Turn fears or nervousness into Mind Reading
* Appear to read even casual thoughts of people as you perform
* Create the thought of wrong methods into the mind of helpers
* Perform a sealed prediction with no worry?? no sleights?? no chemicals?? no switches?? and without anyone having a clue how you could have done so
* Perform a strange little close up effect where a deck of thoughts know people?? and in the process obtain secret information about others.
* Kenton teaches a pet secret and how to make a spectator into a Mind Reader with a normal deck of cards (or symbols or anything else you choose)

PLUS you'll get our daily practice exercises and easy fill in the blank play sheets so that you WILL be able to apply all that you learn from this lesson!