Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading Lesson 2


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Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading Lesson 2


The first Mind Reading Lesson got you going. It changed how you did and said even the smallest things?? and you are beginning to seem more like an actual Mind Reader to your friends and audiences now. In your second lesson we bump all of this up and add a TON more...

It's time (you KNOW!) to take it to the next level.

In this second lesson you will

* Know more than ever before...It's as if you literally have eyes in the back of your head

* Look like you Know when you do not

* Ask a question and have people forget you asked

* Have a person THINK STOP on a page?? and stop there...this is just the beginning of a devious Kenton routine.

* Know apparently what is on a WHOLE PAGE of a book?? even though the book is borrowed and you have never seen it before. No memory or prompts.

* Learn a combined book test the School has developed and easily perform it

* Learn the "Hypnosis Script" to the "Crazy Hezi No Book Book Test"

* Learn how to Know people's names at corporate events?? performing in restaurants or at social parties.

* Dowse for water levels hidden in ungaffed cups. You'll never miss.

* Learn Kenton's secret words to keep an "instant stooge" from thinking he or she is one. This exact wording has never been published anywhere by Kenton before. It is as devious as it is simple to remember.

* Learn Kenton's valuable secret of Real Life Mind Reading. If it doesn't change your performing?? it just might change your perception in real life.

* Plus additional Wonder Words and how to apply them to Mind Reading in ways not even in Wonder Words.

AND OF COURSE or work and play sheets to help you apply important concepts from this lesson to what YOU DO - whether on stage or just hanging out with a few friends.

This second lesson is PACKED with effects?? as well as our famed principles and tools that you simply must have if you wish to be a real Mind Reader in the eyes of others.

Whether you do mentalism for friends?? close-up?? on stage?? stand-up or in a living room?? our lessons teach you what no one else can.

You get exclusive information and unpublished applications of Wonder Words?? Kenton's dual or multiple reality principle?? inside psychology special patter written by Kenton himself?? and the ingeniously twisted thinking of Kenton's legendary S.E.C.R.E.T. School Students and staff.

Begin as a Student Affiliate now! There is no obligation?? no subscription?? no sneaky ways of making you pay more in our unique lessons. Continue along with your future lessons on your own schedule!

To show you how serious everyone is around here about making these important lessons available to those who want them?? the price is only $20 per lesson. You order the first two lessons at once here?? and then obtain future lessons at only $25 each?? by ordering on our website as they are listed.

Order them one at a time (in proper order!) or get the special package deal of 1- 3 to get you jump started. (See our Mind Reading Lesson SET deal where you get the Mind Reading Book Free as a PDF too when you order the three starter lessons together)

Few have had access to the S.E.C.R.E.T. School and Kenton's inner teachings to them until now. You know the School's important works ("Kontrol"?? "Ultimately Under"?? "Risk Assessment" and more) and now you can join us all through our Mind Reading Lessons.

Take the plunge into Real Mind Reading - begin now!

Here is a snippet of the recent review from Jheff at

" ...for me?? this promises to be a very useful and exciting series. And at (the now) $25 price each?? Kenton has provided an incredible bargain. I strongly think it's undervalued and that fans of Kenton's work should take advantage now before some sense is knocked into him. Of course?? even if he were to raise the price a bit?? it would still be worth it.Without question?? this is highly recommended."