Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading Lesson 3


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Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading Lesson 3


IMPORTANT! Lessons are always in order. This is a course in Mind Reading. You need to have Lessons # 1 and #2 before making the best use of Lesson #3. Lessons are always to be read in order?? as this is a series?? not stand alone books.

The exciting ground-breaking Mind Reading Lessons continue with the third installment?? now available. Remember?? these lessons need to be read in order! You will need to have purchased the first two lessons before going on to this one.

In this lesson you will:

* Create rapport by Mind Reading Implantation

* Get spectators to do convince themselves by Implantation phrases

* Use Mind Reading methods to nudge people into doing what you would like in every day life.

* Appear to Mind Read and Know what is going on with your friends in everyday situations.

* Predict surprising events in daily life.

* Use your voice messaging or answering machine to hint at Mind Reading

* Learn our secret method of writing out predictions (part 1)

* Learn Kenton's "V.I.P. Knowing Daze" and other variations that have made Kenton a hit with celebrities and important events.

* Kenton's insider work on gathering secret information about people?? and how people literally tell on themselves.

* Kenton's twisted spin on Question and Answer acts?? including how to do your own never fail Q & A act without fear and with your answers to people's questions always 100% correct - in fact they must admit this is so.

In other words?? all the sort of brilliant?? unusual?? devious?? twisted stuff you'd expect from Kenton and his Students?? making the usual unusual and the common highly uncommon.

In this lesson you will also receive additional presentations?? methods and effects by Kennedy?? Crazi Hezi?? Bill Cushman?? and John Charles Robinson as well as from Kenton and his famed Students.

Like all of our Mind Reading Lessons?? this is priced absurdly low so that all serious students and those willing to take their mentalism to new levels can afford to do so.

This over 70 page lesson is only $25 as a PDF Download. As the reviewers keep saying?? "Get these now at this price before Kenton regains his senses and begins charging for what these better lessons are worth"!

TO AVOID CONFUSION: Mind Reading Lesson #3 is part of a series of lessons in a course. You need to have Lessons 1 and 2 first! All are now available. PLEASE don't skip to #3 without having 1 and 2.

COMING IN LESSON #4 Once you have finished reading Lessons 1 - 3 it will be time to go on to Lesson 4. In Lesson #4 we promise you that you will be able to do readings instantly after reading this lesson?? without memorizing anything?? and without using stock lines either. Even if you could never do readings before?? you WILL by the time you finish reading Lesson #4 ! PLUS you will get Kenton's "A Date With Destiny" routine included in the #4 Lesson text (which we sell separately) and an older additional chart variation as well. Remember though?? you need to read the Lessons leading up to this to make sense of later Lessons. Lessons simply must be read in order to be understood.