Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading Lesson 4


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Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading Lesson 4


The acclaimed Mind Reading Lesson course continues with the fourth lesson of the series.

Remember: You need to have the preceding lessons 1- 3 before studying this lesson. Each lesson is in order?? as the Mind Reading Lessons make a complete course. You need to begin with the first lessons to make best use of later lessons.

Lesson 4 will insure you can do readings INSTANTLY and with NO MEMORIZATION or STOCK LINES. Whether you are new to doing readings or a pro?? you will learn new ploys?? principles and effects in this lesson that you can use right away.

In Lesson 4 You Will

* Learn Quick Demographics that allow you to tap into commonly shared secret thoughts and concerns regardless of a person's age or sex.

* Predict Whom You Will Meet and write down all about their inner thoughts and feelings even before you Know who you will meet.

* Learn To Use Real Impressions and tap into your own inner intuition even if you don't believe in such things. It's entirely practical.

* Name Readings Immediately begin a complete reading without memory once you hear a person's name.

* Shaping Knowing - How the shape of letters can reveal readings to you.

* Readings That You Can Feel Audiences remember readings that move them and hit their innermost feelings and sense of memory. Learn how a few little things can make for very complete emotional experiences.

* You Can't Fail! Learn our secrets and begin now to do readings that simply cannot fail.


* Learn how to work readings into standard mentalism and magic effects. Even cards and oranges can become powerful ways to do real Mind Reading.

* Kenton's "A Date With Destiny" and Birthday Card Chart variations are included in PDF form as part of this lesson as a special bonus! Learn these powerful methods of doing readings that simply cannot fail?? discover Kenton's original "Destiny Card At Date" that inspired so many other versions?? find out how to take a card from a face down deck?? do a reading about it sight unseen?? and have this match a spectator's birthday on a printed chart that has been in full view the entire time - without memorizing a thing!

All of this and more in this over 70 page lesson from the acclaimed Mind Reading Series.


(Remember?? you must have Lessons 1 - 3 before attempting to make the best use of this #4 Lesson).