Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading Lesson 5


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Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading Lesson 5


The incredible Mind Reading Lesson series continues with Mind Reading Lesson #5

This new lesson includes:

* The S.E.C.R.E.T. School's Famous Outs

Even refined mentalists wonder how Kenton and his students make the incredible detailed yet impossible hits that they do. They can do so based on this principle. If you already have Lessons 1-4 then enough said. You'll KNOW why you need and want these!

New important details and added principles never described before in anything?? not even our "Mind Reading" book?? revealed in detail this lesson.

* "The Reverse Polarity Metaphor" Reading

This has been popular among private Kenton students and as a download on our website. Now Kenton has allowed us to place this teaching into MIND READING LESSON 5 as it relates to one of the important principles in this exciting lesson. The spectator takes home a symbolic healing card after the performer/reader tells them of their secret issue. It's Mind Reading?? help?? symbolism?? reading and souvenir in one direct effect. New information is added here by Kenton that he has not tipped in full detail until now.

* Kenton's "One World/One Earth" Cards

NEVER has Kenton talked about this except to closest friends and Students. For the first time ever you get the full artwork to print out your own One World Earth Cards for an intuitive reading like none other. You can honestly claim these cards may be obtained only by belonging to a specific School of Mystery which you cannot talk about publicly. This is true?? of course.

What are these cards? Print the artwork out and paste them on to index or blank faced playing cards. Each card has special background art and two words printed on it. These words have a special property when used together that causes the reading to accurately fit anyone's situation. The artwork comes as JPEG files as well. Nine of the ten donwloads in this Lesson are these JPG files.

Literally the wisdom inside the person for whom you are doing the reading will come out as a result of your using these special words and cards with the sitter/client.

You cannot fail using the artwork provided! As you perform with this special set?? you will also secretly be sinking into your mind words and principles to use in other ways.

This is a brilliant design as only Kenton could have created. It is being released for the first time ever IN THIS LESSON. Print out the JPEG files?? paste them on to card stock or whatever you wish?? and own a set of cards that only Kenton himself has been able to use in readings - until now.

* Kennedy's The I Knows in which you KNOW what specific mistake a person makes only in their mind as they visualize their word.

* Learn The Secret Mind Reading Methods so you can never fail during a reading or in getting impressions.

* And MORE.

If you have made it this far in the Mind Reading Lessons we scarcely need to convince you of their worth. We are thrilled that Kenton has agreed to allow us to teach you things he has kept near and dear to him until we reveal them in this lesson.

Remember?? you must read these lessons in order to make the best use of the material. Each lesson builds on previous lessons. You need to have the other lessons before being able to use all that is in this lesson. This is like a course in Mind Reading and you will need to start at the first lesson?? and not "skip a class" or lesson.

There are ten downloads to this lesson as nine of the downloads are simply the artwork sheets for the "One World Earth Cards." These are very small downloads naturally. The tenth download is the PDF lesson itself and is of the typical Lesson size. All files are zipped for quick downloading.

We can't believe it but Kenton is still allowing us to put these out at $25 If we continue to have enough constant support from you we will try to do more of this sort of thing. But it takes YOUR SUPPORT to keep prices so incredibly low.

We Know you've been waiting for this information...and here it is?? card artwork and all?? at last.

Instantly available as zipped PDF and JPEG download files.

Here is what one student said about a principle in this lesson:

"I wish to share some real life experience on my initial experience with the POW principle from this lesson!

In working with the power of POW and the One World cards?? I found that the cards actually eliminated any need for mystic pretext or to ever mention ‘readings’ in the classical sense.

The POW principle aligns well with the ideas of lateral thinking for creative problem solving. In this context?? I used them with a coaching client to discuss past?? present and future aspects of what appeared to be a life long issue for them.

This was as simple as having the client state their obvious concern (fear) with moving forward as their plans had intended. I introduced the cards as a lateral thinking ‘tool’ specifically designed to help them view their issue from multiple perspectives. The client ‘cut out’ three cards and we were on our way.

In this context?? just as is mentioned in Lesson 5?? there was almost no need for my interpretation of the meaning. It was simply to act as a coach through the use of a few statements similar to:

“Most people that pull this card tend toward looking at their issue in x??y??z way… What would that mean to you?”

Needless to say?? the cards worked their re-framing ‘magic’ and allowed the client to understand their issue in a way they had not previously considered. All with a lot less work on my part.

As a sideline?? I am now considering how this same principle?? along with the use of 'prompt' cards may be used in corporate brainstorming and strategy sessions I frequently facilitate...

As always?? thanks for the great work and kindest regards"

John Charles Robinson?? CCHt

A partial review of these Lessons follows from Jheff and

"...for me?? this promises to be a very useful and exciting series...Kenton has provided an incredible bargain. I strongly think it's undervalued and that fans of Kenton's work should take advantage now before some sense is knocked into him. Of course?? even if he were to raise the price a bit?? it would still be worth it. Without question?? this is highly recommended."