Kenton Knepper - Psy Color Change Deck


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Kenton Knepper - Psy Color Change Deck

You won't believe this even after we reveal the secret!
Kenton has called this method by Ben Highway "One of the great breakthroughs in magic and mentalism" and "the most exciting new concept I have seen in years". 
You are about to find out why. 
A deck is spread face down between the hands, and then face up. A freely selected card is pushed through the deck. The selected card changes color instantly! No moves, no nada. 
Just a pure and direct color change - as it should be. 
The card is rubbed against the deck and the rest of the deck is now seen to have changed color too. 
Now get this: The deck can be entirely examined, and there is NO SLEIGHT OF HAND. The deck changes color not by trick props or maneuvers but rather by mental influence! 
In fact, some of the audience may not become hypnotized and see nothing happening, or imagine another trick entirely! This trick and its amazing method are not for the mildly curious. The method is easy to do; yet it will have your head reeling once Kenton reveals the exciting reality. Kenton details all the incredible principles behind this effect, how they work for you, and how to perform it so that you can never fail. 
Complete with additional text, patter options, reminders of the psychological principles, and more. This controversial effect will change the way you view magic and mentalism forever!