Kenton Knepper - Tolerad Reading System


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Kenton Knepper - Tolerad Reading System

"I am shocked that you have been able to make such a thing
easy to understand and practical. I have studied this sort
of symbolism for over a decade. Never would I have thought
it could become easy to grasp and apply in readings. All I
can say is WOA. Now please remove this from the market so
only a handful of us have access to it." - Georgio M.

The mysterious Tree of Life Glyph (shown above) instantly
gets people's attention. People want to know what it is, and
what it can tell them about their life. Usually it takes
ages to learn what this mysterious symbol means. Never is it
used for readings. Leave it to Kenton and his Students to
make the mysteriously symbolic accessible and practical as a
unique readings tool.

Kenton says of this work:

"Luca Volpe had to convince me we could finally share this
with others. I thought it was too important and powerful to
be handed off to performers. I still don't want just any
dabbler to get their hands on this work. For those of us who
use this system, all I can say is that it makes a real
impression on people, and participants often say it has
changed their life perspective once and for all. That has
certainly been my experience."

This is a system of readings unlike most others. It forces
the person being read to accept responsibility for their
life as well as recognize their inner power and abilities.
Rather than a reader telling a person the same old tired
lines, participants leave the reading empowered with new and
practical insights into their lives.

With This System You Will:

* Get original and full color art graphics that make the
system work. These may be printed out on regular paper.
Poster size and high resolution graphics of the system are
also supplied in your downloads with this system.

* Do "Past, Present and Future" readings as well as deep
personality readings.

* Use personal items to do the reading, or have a person
name numbers, colors, pick symbols, set out Tarot
cards...the possibilities are endless.

* Participants do a great deal of the reading for
themselves! You do as much or as little work as you wish.

* You cannot fail in the reading as the special system
details innate powers and abilities we all have but tend to
ignore or minimize.

* Perfect for life coaches, therapists, healers, counselors
as well as readers and performers.

* Give real wisdom and understanding without ever giving
advice or taking responsibility for the participant's life.

* FOUR downloads in this one system: The TOLERAD SYSTEM
eBook plus the White Chart, Black Chart and Revelation
Chart, in two different sizes each.

Much more is revealed of course in this important work. We
can only scratch the surface here.

If you are serious about making your readings impressive,
unique and useful to participants, this is a system you must
own. But only if you are serious. This is priced to stay out
of the hands of the careless.

There are people who simply did not want Kenton to put this
out. After years of debate, he has done so, at least for
now. In our view, it's a gift Kenton has given us. Please
understand if Kenton suddenly makes us pull this off the
website or drastically raises the price, as he intends to
keep the system more exclusive for his Elite friends and

Learn while you are performing the readings, using the
sheets and special Glyph art provided (in high resolution
JPG download files). In just a few night's time you will
have the system down.

Be warned: This can look and feel very REAL. That's because
this system is built on material that has helped countless
numbers of people around the world for untold ages. Usually
the real meanings and inner secrets of this powerful
symbolism can be had only by years of difficult study. If
you want to be perceived as just a trickster, this is
probably not for you. If you are serious about making your
readings really hit home and make a difference in the lives
of others, then you are likely ready for this incredible
release by Kenton, Luca Volpe and Craig Conley.

It took Kenton decades of study. He's done the hard work for
you. Craig Conley provides you with the high resolution
artwork JPG downloads, with full rights to his original
artwork for use in this system as well as in your
advertising. Luca Volpe has been using the Tree of Life or
TOLERAD readings system on his famous cruise ship
appearances and with celebrity clients. All you need to do
is read this through a few times and you'll know it all in a
few evenings of reading performances. You won't have to
spend the 25+ years of time and work Kenton had to have to
develop this system.

Your readings, and the help you give to others, will never
be the same once you get this original system by Kenton.

BONUS: The FIRST 100 PEOPLE who order will get a CERTIFICATE
IN THE TOLERAD SYSTEM suitable for framing and displaying in
your office or home. This will be personalized to you and
sent to you as a PDF via email. LIMITED TO THE FIRST 100

Be sure to write us at if you want
your name other than it appears in your order. You must
email us separately and immediately after ordering if you
want your certificate made out to a specialized name. No
exceptions. Thank You. Please be patient. You will get your
certificate in your email usually within 48 hours as a PDF
personalized and certified for you specifically.

All instantly available as downloadable files to access and
learn from right away.

This is a truly special piece from Kenton and a gift to the
mentalism and symbolic community. Treat it and those for
whom you read with respect and you will be well respected in

I can hear you say, "What?! Another reading system?!?"
Indeed, and that's exactly what this is. However, this one
is most definitely different. In this, Knepper has taken
the powerful Tree of Life and extraordinarily simplified it.
Though it does have its roots in Jewish mysticism, the
Kabbalah, one doesn't have to study it and be familiar with
it, nor does one have to use any of these references in

The blurb doesn't really give you a basic overview of a
typical reading, mostly because it is so versatile, but let
me describe one easy way. A colorful chart with ten
interlocking circles is shown. Three personal items from
the client are placed on any three of the circles. The
reader now interprets the picture that is being shown: which
items were chosen, which circles they were placed on, the
relationship of the circles/items to each other, the circles
themselves, etc. And much of the info one needs is
contained in a few reference pages that is included with the
PDF. Of course, this is just one way of doing a reading.

In terms of comparing this with other reading systems, or
even with systems that Kenton Knepper is selling, this is by
no means the easiest or least complicated, but it is far
being difficult or complicated. It is unquestionably unique
and compelling. The chart is something that will attract
attention. And a reader can never have enough tools as
clients are always interested in having new experiences
which may provide them with additional insight into their

This is certainly another invaluable tool for anyone who
does readings. If you're one to be always adding new tools
for your reading arsenal or are interested in the Tree of
Life, I'd definitely recommend this. The package includes a
thirty page PDF instruction book, plus six charts of varying
background colors and sizes.