Larry Anderson - Jaw Droppers Vol. 5


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Larry created this special edition video around one of the most ingenious magic props ever devised - the Folding Coin. Used by professional magicians to perform mind-blowing tricks like taking a bite out of a quarter or making a borrowed coin penetrate through solid glass into a bottle!

Comes complete with Folding Quarter DVD plus the precision-cut Folding Quarter for a super-value package price. Features real mindblowers specifically designed for the Folding Quarter.

1. Two-Bits With a Bite
2. Flip-4-U
3. Like Money Through the Hand
4. Piercing George
5. Ring Around the Quarter
6. A Tight Squeeze - Coin in the Bottle (Version 1)
7. Through the Back Door - Coin in the Bottle (Version 2)

Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes