Le Souffle d'Eole by Jean Emmanuel Franzis'


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Le Souffle d'Eole by Jean Emmanuel Franzis'


Jean Emmanuel Franzis' Le Souffle d'Eole
Award winning:
Championnat de France FFAP 2008
Blackpool Convention 2009


Acropolis Coins 
Coin, no Purse, no Glass 
Cylinder and Coins 
Three Coins and Mystery 
Triple Change 
Two in the Hand One in the Pocket 
Coin Act 
Closing Coin Act (demonstration) 


Perfect Three Fly 
Undercover Coins 

"Jean Emmanuel Franzis is a new star in Coin magic. I think he is one of the best coin men living. His skill is spectacular and his magic is astonishing."
- Giacomo Bertini

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 4min