Lennart Green LIVE (Penguin LIVE)


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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Lennart Green

One of the most innovative magicians to ever touch a deck of cards came to Penguin for a 4 1/2 LIVE event!

Of the great magicians that I have admired Lennart makes people feel as though they are witnessing real magic.-David Blaine
Lennart Green one of the nicest coolest most innovative and talented guys on the planet!.-Steve Forte
He can knock your socks off with seeming miracles.-Martin Gardner

What to expect

Lennart Green is one of the most innovative card magicians the world has ever seen. This lecture will showcase his unique and surprising approach to card magic.

When magicians watch him perform they’re always amazed and baffled by his disarming presentations and unusual methods. In fact many knowledgeable experts have been so impressed they couldn’t believe he was using a normal deck of cards!

Lennart is SO GOOD that he was even MISTAKENLY disqualified from a FISM Competition because some judges thought he was using gimmicked cards or stooges!

He came back the next year did the exact same routine but this time he only let the judges handle and shuffle the cards then gave them the deck at the end of his performance. Of course it was a normal deck of cards…He won First Prize and a living legend was born!

This lecture will show you exactly why he’s considered one of the best in the world by sharing his innovative sleight-of-hand skill and seemingly chaotic style.

When Lennart performs cards vanish into a beam of light appear from nowhere and somehow sort themselves into whatever order he desires. His various contributions to the realm of card magic coupled with his delightfully engaging performances make him an absolute must-see.

Even if youre already familiar with his Angle Separation which allows you to secretly sort and separate the deck...


Laser/Snap Deal where cards dealt onto a table instantly disappear without a trace...


Top Shot which can be used as a fancy flourish or to cause a card to instantly appear in your hand as if from nowhere…


ANY of his other contibutions to our art its still a joy to watch the master himself perform his miracles.

Lennart will share many of his most famous creations as well as current items that will perplex you and your audiences.

Here are just a few hell teach:

  • Cards to impossible location
  • Cullings
  • Magic Square
  • Lapping Technique
  • Dealing Effects
  • Mental Effects
Expect incredibly strong card magic with fascinating methods as you prepare to learn from a living legend.