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LINT book by John Luka - PDF download

This effort was kicked off in Lukas Thoughts On... column which ran in The New Tops magazine from October 1993 to December 1994. Johns column was for the majority of magicians who tend to do a lot of pocket and parlor tricks for small audiences and few shows. He knew that most magic shows are informal sometimes spontaneous events typically being a performance of a few tricks at a party of social or business get togethers. So he chose material for the ninety-plus percent of magicians who are not professionals. Some of the great magic in L.I.N.T. includes John Lukas absolutely astonishing Chromo Balls (a big hit at Fechters) a pure sleight of hand approach to Daleys Chromo Spheres.

Plus material from his Tops Magazine columns covering several variations and simplified handlings for concepts such as Vernons Simple Arithmetic the Zarrow Shuffle the Turnover Pass Brother Hammans Homing Card and four instructive exercises in combining various card assembly sequences into cohesive procedures. Featured are several fascinating creations from Ron Bauer (author of the exciting new Ron Bauer Private Studies series of monographs) including the trick that forever changed John Lukas life The Magic Coin.

Youll also find Ron Bauers Lie Detector the original and unsurpassed method and presentation of what has become a classic of card magic (but its not about computerizing a deck or detecting lies!) and two never before published miracles Second Sight a comedy triple prediction effect and Devilish Trickery a crystal clear technically subtle handling and presentation for the Marlo/DAmico Devilish Miracle. Ron Bauer also renders intelligible Key to the Draw the first trick ever published by lifelong friends Jack McMillen and Charlie Miller. Milt Kort the man who invented the combo coin box routines reveals his remarkable Okito Less Coin Box and Paul Chosse provides the details of his devious debugging of Erdnases Diagonal Palm Shift. John Luka also solicited and includes several choice items from Paul Cummins Ron Aldrich John Morgan Bill Kalush Michael Ammar Chris Carter and Eric DeCamps. 143 pages