Lior Manor - Invisible Touch


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Two spoon bending routines

The Himber ring routine
The PK time idea
The enhanced PK Touches routine (by Banachek) (performance only)
The invisible touch itself
The“Invisible Touch”was performed on TV by Derren Brown?? Jerry McCambridge Alain Nu and Lior Manor.

" If you ever have a chance to see Lior Manor perform any of these routines ?? you would understand why he is one of the most sought after and highest paid corporate entertainer on this planet." He makes you laugh;he charms you and then he totally fools you..and best of all you love him for doing it."
-Barrie Richardson

Extra routine?? See and learn how Lior Manor present the 10 Poker Deal

In 5 different trade shows?? The bit that Lior added with money in the end of the routine is worth GOLD.

About Lior Manor??

One of the most creative minds in the mentalism world. Because of his original act?? he is requested all over the world?? among of the top leading?? fortune 500 companies and flies every week around the globe with his entertaining skills and his ability to combine the mentalism world with the corporate one.

Awarded by the “Psychic Entertainers Association”?? with the Dunninger Memorial award for “distinguished professionalism in the performance of mentalism”.

Among of other famous names such as??

Mark Salem?? Jeff & Tessa Evason?? Banachek?? Garry Kurtz and Derren Brown.

Ask?? Ken Weber?? Barrie Richardson?? Joreg Alexandr Weber and Michael Weber

Running TimeApproximately 85min