Looch - 4.8 Minutes


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Looch - 4.8 Minutes


In April 2011, Looch was invited to perform for the BSME at the University of Huddersfield.

He created an exclusive routine based around the idea of minimalism. The result is an incredible and usable set to take out into the world and perform.

The set is ideal for Close Up or Table side Mentalism and although written with a corporate bias, this routine can be delivered within any environment.

You will learn one of Looch’s full close up sets that utilise nothing but a stack of business cards, a pen and an envelope.

Minimal Mentalism at its best!

"This is a very strong routine that was designed to be performed for walkaround, to have a quick reset, and to be performed in 4.8 minutes." Jheff (Marketplace of the mind)

"If you want to perform a brilliant walkaround mentalism routine look no further than Loochs 4.8min. It packs small and delivers in a big way! Highly recommended for those who perform walkaround/table hopping." Paul Fitzgerald

"Its a great set of notes, and very well constructed and structured" Iain Dunford