Looch - Here's To You Mr Robinson


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With ‘Here’s To You Mr Robinson’ Looch has raised the bar in terms of theatrical mentalism. Whether as a stand-alone after-dinner parlour performance piece or as the closer to a cabaret mentalism show, this fully-fledged professional routine will provide any audience with a stimulating, engaging and entertaining experience.

Themed around the newspaper report of a thief pulling off a series of daring heists, this 20-minute routine involves co-incidence, psychological influence, prediction and mind-reading. These elements are combined into a seamless presentation that draws the spectators into a tale of robbery and police investigation where nothing is quite what it seems…

This booklet contains almost everything you need to perform this incredible routine: full handling details of every technical aspect of the method, illustrated instructions on how to make up the required gaffs, a PDF containing all the artwork and documents for you to print out and finally, Looch’s complete script, honed over dozens of performances.

This all adds up to a great deal – a stunning, practical routine featuring several mind-bending effects, accomplished by delightfully low-tech methods, presented with a professional, scripted presentation and all for less than the cost of a pair of Marc Spelmann’s seal-fur boxer shorts!

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