Luke Dancy - Sin City


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Luke Dancy - Sin City


Luke Dancy has once again assembled a collection of his finest and most visual "not just card" magic.

A Misleading Situation
It's not just's a miracle. A pencil sharpens right in front of the spectator's eyes in your bare hand.

OMG!...another 4 ace production.

Need help? Call 911.

Stuck on Daley
The best damn thing on this DVD.

Sandwich way did they go?
No gimmicks this time.

For the move monkeys...

To The Table - Better than it sounds!
Under Control - Subtlety meets sleight of hand.
SHADOWPASS - How would you describe something you can't see??

Bonus Effect
Cubed Up - For all the extra cool guys...just suck it up!

Running Time Approximately?? 60 min


I just received my copy of Luke Dancy’s Sin City?? and I know a lot of you are planning to get some of this Dancy Mischief. But before you do?? read this review to even further convince you to buy it! So?? with that said?? here you go!

This DVD is compiled with??

6 effects (1 of them being a BONUS effect)
3 Utility Moves which are??
-To the Table
-Under Control
-Shadow Pass

Now for what you pay for you get some SWEET and KICK-ASS effects and utility moves!

But let me explain in further detail….


A Misleading Situation

What the DVD says?? “It’s not just visual… it’s a miracle. A pencil sharpens right in front of your sepctator’s eyes in your bare hand.

Initial Reaction?? This effect is by far one of my favorites on the DVD. The description is the exact same as how you would perform it in real life. And by the way?? it’s SUPER EASY. There is a gimmick involved?? but for all miracles you can’t expect every one to be impromptu. Luke tells you where to get this gimmick and goes in great detail on how to use it. He also provides a few other handlings?? which exceeded my expectations. So out of a 5?? this effect gets a…

SOLID 4.5/5


What the DVD says?? “OMG!.. another 4 ace production.”

Initial Reaction?? I found this okay….not great…but okay. In my honest opinion?? there are better 4 ace productions out there. But?? this one has a lot of potential if you use your thinking cap and can come up with new uses for it. I also found as for the intro to the menus on the DVD?? Impulsive is used to start it off and well…it’s really EPIC.
Luke goes in detail on how to do the production?? and you get a nice color change with it! So all in all?? this production gets a..

Okay 3/5 (But don’t let that mislead you in any way?? you can come up with some crazy shat using this production if you put your mind to it!)


What the DVD says?? “Need help?? Call 911.”

Initial Reaction?? This effect is another one of my favorites. Very direct?? and the off balance transposition is a very nice and solid kicker. The presentation actually makes sense and it truly is a very nice and well thought out effect. Luke?? of course?? goes in great detail in the explanation?? and all of the effects includes and actual street performance before the explanations?? which I find very useful in terms of how it plays in the real world. The reason why I bring this up is well?? the spectators in the demo are from South Carolina?? and that’s where I live?? so represent SC! So all in all?? this effect rates a…


Stuck on Daley

What the DVD says?? “The best damn thing on this DVD”

Initial Reaction?? The description is pretty much right on. This effect is awesome and full of that Dancy mischief we all know and love. You see some of Luke’s great thinking going on in this effect. It’s very well thought out?? and has a solid kicker that really punches your audience out cold. Very awesome?? very direct?? and the presentation is quite funny and something that people can relate to and helps set a great mood. So this effect is actually one of the best damn things on this DVD. So with that said?? this effect rates a..

SOLID 4.5/5

Sandwich Way Did They Go?

What the DVD says?? “No gimmicks this time.”

Initial Reaction?? This effect is also another one of those cool and direct effects and includes yet another great kicker?? just let me say pretty much all these effects have great kickers to them?? okay? This is an interesting take on a sandwich effect?? and includes another cool off balance transposition. No double sticky tape?? nothing. Like it says?? “No gimmicks this time.” Not my favorite?? but a nice touch. Something I will play with. So?? this effect gets a..



What the DVD says?? “For all the extra cool guys – just suck it up!”

Initial Reaction?? This effect is a very great situational piece for when that special time is right?? like at a restaurant?? a bar?? ect. Basically?? you take nice chunk of ice from your drink?? and suck up the big ice cube through a tiny passage in the straw; A very cool piece of wonder and astonishment that will have people scratching heads for a long time. They actually SEE the ice cube being sucked up the straw! It looks awesome?? and Luke tells you where to find material necessary to make the gimmick?? and how to construct it. Great detail?? for a GREAT effect! Glad he threw this in as a bonus! So this effect gets a…

SOLID 4.5/5 (For the crazy visuals; I see some Daniel Garcia and Jay Sankey in this effect! Me likey!)

So now for all the die hard move monkeys out there?? here is where the DVD shines!

This section?? like I explained at the start of this review?? contains 3 utility moves that move monkeys will devour like bananas?? let me explain…

To The Table

What the DVD says?? Better than it sounds!”

Initial Reaction?? If you are at a table and want to control a card to the top?? this IS the control for you. Very direct and simple?? and very convincing and devious. It’s just GREAT!

SOLID 4.5/5

Under Control

What the DVD says?? “Subtlety meets sleight of hand”

Initial Reaction?? VERY AWESOME. For all who know about Luke kindly taught this for free in a late night lecture for a couple of people?? including me. This control is very discrepant?? but SOOOOOO convincing! It’s such a fun move to do?? and very easy once you get the hang of it. If you ever want to control a card to the bottom and are sick and tired of using DMB or Convincing Control?? this is just perfect. Strongly recommend you learn this.

SOLID 4.5/5


What the DVD says?? “How would you describe something you can’t see???”

Initial Reaction?? HOLY S%&*! This is just awesome?? a new concept for the pass and very invisible. I was actually playing with something similar a while ago?? but I slapped myself in the face after seeing this and not thinking of it (My face is red as I am typing). I will DEFINITELY use this when I’m out performing. If I want to control a card to the top while standing up?? this completely obliterates all others by far. Goodbye double undercut?? HELLO SHADOW PASS! So now for the awesome rating…


So for $30?? you get some super duper fantasical magical dancy mischief goodness here. Totally worth the money if you want some good workers and awesome miracles. Would I recommend it? HELL YES! WHY WOULDN’T I?! Awesome stuff here guys?? devour it and eat it up right here??

So for the total scoring of this DVD?? it rates a SOLID 4.5/5. Great stuff?? very visual mischief?? you guys will love it. Pick it up NOW.