Luke Jermay - Synchronicity


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Luke Jermay - Synchronicity

One of the most DEVIOUS secrets in the shop! We LOVE this trick. Edgy, bold, and always a little bit scary.... This is Luke Jermay all the way!

This routine was a hit in Luke's live lectures and has been a favorite among a small circle of friends for many years. Since he first introduced this effect, Luke has made numerous additions and added touches that lift this routine to a new level. 

The performer removes his watch and has someone visualize a time on the watch face. The watch is then handed to a second spectator who randomly turns the dial of the watch until the performer tells her to stop. The first spectator announces the time they were thinking of. When the watch is checked it is amazingly set to the same time. 

Unlike many watch routines, this routine allows the performer to make use any ordinary analog watch no special gimmicks are needed. 

Your analog watch, this devious secret, and one simple item you probably already have laying around at home will give you a miracle ready and waiting on wrist!