Lyndon Jugalbot & Finix Chan - Jailbreak


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Lyndon Jugalbot & Finix Chan - Jailbreak


From Asia, Lyndon Jugalbot and Finix Chan has come up with the most visual deck through card case effect that you ever saw, Jailbreak! 
For those are searching the perfect opener for a card routine. Jailbreak is for you! It's insanely visual, simple to do and no sleight of hand required. 
With the DVD you will get a precision made gimmick that do all the work for you! Finix Chan will teach you everything that you need to know to perform the effect right away! Finix even teaches you how to make the gimmick so you can perform Jailbreak with your favourite deck.

Simple to learn and perform
Completely self contained
Insanely visual!
Perform surrounded
"It fooled me!"
- Shin Lim

"It's more genius than I thought"
- Rizki Nanda

"Jailbreak is what all magic would look like organic, visual and utterly deceptice."
- Kevin Schaller

"This effect is so visual you can see it happening right before your eyes. The best thing is it's easy to do I can see myself using it as an opener for my card routines"
- Arnel Renegado