Magic Wladimir - Jumbo Card Problem


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 Magic Wladimir - Jumbo Card Problem


4 jumbo face cards MAGICALLY TRANSFORM into 4 jumbo spot cards.

“I was lucky enough to attend the MAGIC Live convention in 2015, and I probably spent more time at Magic Wladimir’s booth than anywhere else. I’m so happy that we’re bringing a couple of his tricks to Penguin Magic, because he’s an amazing creator and an amazing performer. This trick is perfect for magicians looking to play bigger gigs before bigger groups. The method is diabolical.” Rick Lax
Packs small, plays HUGE. The best part? NO SLEIGHT-OF-HAND NECESSARY!
It’s the Jumbo Card Problem.
So what distinguishes this trick from, say, NFW? A LOT. Each of the jumbo face cards is DIFFERENT…meaning, you show 4 DIFFERENT jumbo face cards…and they become 4 DIFFERENT jumbo spot cards. (And yes, you can show the BACKS of ALL the cards both BEFORE and AFTER.) Also you don’t have to do any fishy counts or ‘moves.’ You just show each card individually, then spread them out…and the magic is DONE.
The secret principle behind this trick goes back to Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser. Over the years, it was developed by Brother John Hammon, and Lubor Fiedler & Magic Wladimir. 
Penguin is proud to present Wladimir’s most-improved version of the amazing effect.