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Flash Production

Burnt white paper becomes a cigarette.

Lucky Box

Full pack of cigarettes come out from a empty pack.

Smoke gets in my eye

A cigarette disappears on hand?? comes out from elbow and then disappears again. At last comes out from eye.

T&R #1

Tears a cigarette to two pieces?? then recovers to smoke.

T&R #2

Tears a cigarette to two pieces?? then recovers with another trick not same as T&R #1.

Ashes of time

Cigarette ashes does not fall down after the cigarette is burnt to end.

Apparel Prank

Burning cigarette hits the clothes of audience then disappears?? but the clothes is fine.

Deja Vu

Tears the cigarette plastic packing and recovers as normal.

The signage

Removes the No Smoking signage from lighter to the hand of audience.

Lollipop volcano

Asks audience to light the cigarette?? after sparking the cigarette changes to lollipop.DVD2:


Sparks comes out from burning cigarette?? looks like firework.

Pigeon Load

Cigarette disappears on hands and comes out from mouth.


Cigarette filter changes from brown color to white.


Cigarette ashes goes from the back of hand into the hand.

Stone?? Takayama in Royal style

Some traditional tricks on cigarette.


Cigarette disappears and comes out from mouth.


Few different tricks to let cigarette disappears and comes out.

Bare hand lighter

Finger becomes lighter.

C.C. Zero

Combined tricks with coin & cigarette to disappear and come out.

No Smoking

A new disclosed and complex trick.