Manolo Talman - Creaciones (1-2)


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Manolo Talman - Creaciones(1-2)


Vol.1 El contenido del DVD:

Baraja Etérea

Ases Blancos

Agua y aceite

Twisting the Aces

Carta rota y recompuesta

Transposición ambidiestra

Vaivén Truculento

El muro transparente (sin explicación)



On this second DVD Manolo Talman shows effects straight from his professional repertoire, you will learn effect with cards and coins explain to the last detail, so you can learn these fantastic tricks and all the scams Manolo uses on his routines.

DVD Content
Four of a Kind: One of the easiest productions of bare-handed four coins.

Coins Across: Professional version of the hand-to-hand coins across.

Crystal Wall: Two versions for a 3 Fly that penetrate a handkerchief surrounding one hand, astonishing!

International Chink-a-Chink: Done with four different coins.

Fusion: An incredible version of Card In Wallet and Card in Time, a brutal combination.

Business Cards: Four blank cards change to four aces.

Wild Card: The ending routine from Manolo's professional repertoire finally explained in detail.