Marcus Eddie - EMPTY


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Marcus Eddie - EMPTY

Why was Jon Armstrong so excited by Empty” Because as a card magic spec ialist if it doesn’t fit in his card box he isn’t performing it. So to be able to do a full-deck production illusion without adding any extra props is a GAME CHANGER.

But Marcus Eddie’s ingenious EMPTY” is way more than just a device to produce a full deck of cards.

Empty allows you to produce ANY OBJECT that will fit inside a card box. Empty can also be used as a transformation device to turn one item into a different item.

Empty is more than a mere trick. It’s a utility device that is as devious as its creator” -Eric Jones

The best thing I saw at Magic Live!” -Jon Armstrong

The deck is REAL. A full 52 cards.
EASY to do!
And resets instantly.
To take an object magicians have been handling for decades and turn it into a weapon is a marvelous thing.

Watch the demo and get Empty. You’ll love it.