Martin Vetter - Outcast


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Martin Vetter - Outcast


NO Electronics * NO Peeking * NO Forces
* NO Gimmicks * NO Assistants needed * EASY to do
* NO Setup * INSTANT Reset * End Clean.

Everything is examinable! You can repeat the trick again with another card if you want to. Noone will ever find out how you got the card to fly from the box.

"Hands down the best cardeffect Ive seen for a long time. Visual and clearly OUT OFF THIS WORLD! The effect is just as seen in the demo. WOOW!"
- Simon Larsson

"Martin has done it again. Everything in this effect is so well covered. We are
clearly dealing with a mastermind in the field of magic and presentation."
- Jim Hansen

"Thisis one of the few effect that makes me smile everytime I perform it. It is so bold yet noone has ever caught me. That makes me smile!"
- Mark Roberts