Matthew Johnson - The Secret Art of Monkey Business


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A collection of devilishly creative close-up routines that will bring out your inner monkey!

This long awaited DVD from the creator ofColor Blind??SixandStabbed In The Pack?? offers up 7 commercial routines?? bonus routines and more!
Here are just some of the routines included??
Jack Is Back -A clever twist on The Ripper by Lee Asher.
Card On Head -Easy to do?? commercial?? instantly resets. What more could you ask for?
The Improved Vanishing Card Case -A previously marketed effect that has long been unavailable. Magicians all over the world have praised this version of a modern classic. Here for the first time?? Matthew teaches you how to make your own.
Ring Vanish And Flash Production -Grab a ring and some flash paper and you are ready to perform some great visual magic.
Card Through Bill -A marketed effect that has become one of Matthew's best sellers is taught for the first time on DVD.
Knife Through Finger -A knife penetrates your finger leaving a giant?? gaping whole that the spectators can see right through!
Flick Of The Lip -Based onLickety Flipby David Acer. This clever version sets you up to performMcDonald's Aces.
Also included are bonus routines for??
Ring FlightandMcDonald's Aces.
Running TimeApproximately 1hr 30min