Michael Boden - Stealth Add-On


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Michael Boden - Stealth Add-On


Learn how to invisibly add a gimmick card or a small packet of cards to your deck?? at anytime during your performance.
Stealth Add-On is now ready for sharing with the magic community?? as MICHAEL BODEN??s way of giving back to the art and to the influential couple that first shared their magic with him on The Magic Land Of Alakazam?? Mark and Nai Wilson.
How many times have you wanted to secretly add a gimmick card or a small packet of cards to a deck that has been in play?
The real tricks to accomplishing a Stealth Add-on would be?? it would have to be easy to use in performance and natural in action?? to become stealth in nature.
Stealth Add-On is a gimmick that you can easily make at home.
Stealth Ad-On is a gimmick that will always go unnoticed when being used.
Stealth Ad-On is easy to use...and fun to get away with.
"The Stealth Add-On is a first in a series of HOT TIPS that I hope will be useful to the practicing magician. Learn the secrets of Stealth. . .and have fun with it. A special thank you to Paul and all of the staff at Hocus-Pocus for their time and expertise in helping me bring you this FREE video tutorial." -- MICHAEL BODEN