Michael Feldman - Manhattan Opener


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Manhattan Opener takes Red Hot Mama to a whole new level! It features 2 stunning magic moments?? and your spectator is in control the whole time with the magic happening in her hands!

Give Your Spectators the Power
Red Hot Mama/Chicago Opener is a classic plot that has been performed for decades by some of the world’s top magicians. Most variations on this plot require the magician to be in control of the deck and to perform for the spectators. In Michael Feldman’s Manhattan Opener?? you put your spectators in control! The entire process of card selection and revealing the color change is all performed by your audience?? allowing them to fool themselves!

Very Easy to Do
A blue deck of cards is introduced and handed to a spectator. They are directed to allow another spectator to select a card and return it to the deck. When the cards are spread?? one card in the middle has turned red! The spectator removes the card from the spread to reveal that it is the selection! The process is repeated with a 2nd card?? but this time nothing in the deck changes. There is still one red card on the table?? the original selection. It is turned over to reveal that it has inexplicably turned into the 2nd selection!

A Perfect Update to a Classic Plot
Working pros know that the most powerful magic happens in the spectator’s hands. With Manhattan Opener your spectator is in full control of the deck - making it that much more impossible and amazing when you reveal that they have successfully revealed both selections! Perfect for table-hopping or a formal close-up show?? Manhattan Opener is super easy to do and can be added to your repertoire immediately!