Michael Feldman - Resetting Travelers


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Michael Feldman - Resetting Travelers


Two Great Plots - One Awesome Routine
In the world of sleight-of-hand card magic?? there are a few key plots that have stood the test of time. Two of these popular plots are Travelers by Dai Vernon and Reset by Paul Harris. In Resetting Travelers?? Michael Feldman has combined these plots into a multi-phase routine that’s full of surprises!

Only 8 Cards and Pure Sleight-of-Hand
You begin by showing 4 Jacks and placing them into 4 separate pockets. You then take 4 Aces and slowly change them one-by-one into the 4 Jacks. Now that the Jacks are on the table?? you reveal that the Aces are in your pockets where the Jacks used to be! The final surprise comes when you reveal that the Jacks have also jumped back into your pockets!

Multi-Angle Teaching?? Shot in NYC
Join Michael Feldman in NYC where he will take you step-by-step through the entire routine. He teaches the sleights and misdirection that will allow you to master this mind-blowing routine. Covered from multiple angles?? Michael leaves no stone unturned. All you need are 8 cards and a bit of practice!