Michael Murray and Gregory Wilson - Code Breaker


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Michael Murray and Gregory Wilson - Code Breaker

"You will learn how to get into somebody's LOCKED iPhone" -Gregory Wilson

"This scares the $#@! out of people."

You know that warning label you sometimes see? "For entertainment purposes only"? This trick needs that ALL over it... cause in the wrong hands.. not good.

No apps to install. This is the real deal.

It's the kind of secret you take to the grave with you. Except Michael Murray didn't. Lucky us :)

When I saw the early cut of Code Breaker... I honestly couldn't believe it. Then I started to get paranoid I was seeing black helicopters following me home. Code Breaker borders on secret agent training. It's a skill you maybe don't want people to know you have.

So.. please don't get us in trouble. Be smart. How you use this is ultimately up to you. All I can say is... well, you guessed it... for entertainment purposes only :)

Manufacturer Says

Works with iPhone. Does not work with Android.